Name   Prof. Shishir Kumar Pandey
Father’s Name   Dr. Bhav Dev Pandey
Date of Birth       15/05/1960
Contact Numbers   09415280494
Fax      0522- 2302993
Educational Qualificatios:    

B.A. 1979 Hindi, Sanskrit,A.I.H. D.D.U, Gorakhpur 

M.A. 1981 Hindi D.D.U, Gorakhpur

M.A. 1983 Sanskrit D.D.U, Gorakhpur Acharya 1997 Bhasha Vigyan S.S.V.V., Varnasi

M.Phil 1989 Hindi J.N.U., New Delhi

Ph.D. 1995 Hindi J.N.U., New Delhi 

Academic Experience (Teaching) :- Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan,56-57 Institutional Area,Jankpuri,New Delhi-110058 From 15.07.1987(33 Years & Months)
 Research Experience (including Research guidance, Research Publications; International,National, State Level, Research Projects (completed/on going), books authored, Conferences Attended / organized etc.) (Format may be expanded if found inadequate (No enclosure to be attached) 1. Editor Gomti – Vol. Vth (A Journal for Indilogical Research):-Published by the Lucknow Campus of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan ISSN- 2231-0800, Year 2013
 2.Gomti – Vol. VIth :-In Press ISSN- 2231-0800, Year 2014
 3.Punarnava (A Proceding of All India Seminar on Aurveda):-Published by the Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Lucknow (2001)
 4.Guest Editor Sakshi (A Yearly Magzen):-Published by the Govt. of U.P. Dept of Culture, Lucknow
 5.Mard (A Hindi Weekly):Published from Mirzapur (U.P.) (Literary Issues Only)


 Published from Bhartiya Bhasha Sangam,Lucknow (U.P.)From 2003 to Cont.ISSN- 2231-0363.



(A Quarterly Research Jurnal based on Indian

Culture, Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Apabhramsa

and Folk lore etc)


Special Issues are as under

(a) ‘Paryavaran Evam Ayurved’ (Enviorment

and Ayurved) 2003

(b) ‘Jyotish Evam Tantra’ (Astrology and

Tantra) (1)-2003

(c) ‘Samaj Evam Sanskar’ (Society and

Sacraments) 2004

(d) ‘Jyotish Evam Tantra’ (Astrology and

Tantra) (2) 2004

(e) ‘Jyotish Evam Tantra’ (Astrology and

Tantra) (3) 2005

(f) ‘Buddha Sanskrit Visheshank’ (Special

issue on Buddhist culture) (1) 2005

(g) ‘Sanskrit Ke manishi Visheshank’ (Special

issue on the Scholars of the Sanskrit language

of literature) 2006

(h) Jyotish Visheshank (4) (the 4th volume on

the Astrology) 2006

(i) Bauddha Sanskriti Visheshank (2) (the 2nd

volume on the Buddhist culture) – 2007

(j) Bauddha Sanskriti Visheshank (3) (the 3rd

volume on the Buddhist culture) -2007

(k) Acharya Radhavallabh Tripathi (an

eminent scholar in Sanskrit & Hindi language

and literature) 2007

(l) ‘Bauddha Sanskriti Visheshank (4) (the 4th

volume on the Buddhist Culture) 2008

(m) Yog and Ayurved 2008

(n) Russia mein Bharat Varsh (India through

the keleitoscope of Russia)2009

(o) Loolmila Khakhlova 2010

(p) Bhartiya Manishi Evam Russian Samaj 2011

(Indian scholars and the Russian Society)

(q) Purusharth Chatustay (1) (Quadruple 2011

objectives of human being in Indian culture)

(r) Purusharth Chatustay (2) 2011

(s) Dr. Shiv Kumar Chaturvedi ka Avadan

(Contribution of Dr. Shiv Kumar Chaturvedi – a

distinguished Sanskrit Scholar) 2011

(t) Aacharya Gayacharan Tripathi (an

eminent scholar across the spectrum of

international languages and literatures) 2011

(u) Jain Sanskrit Avam Prakrit Bhasha 2011

(2) AUTHORED AND EDITED following Text Published by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan

Books Books for Rashtriya Sanskrit SansthanStudents (Graduate Classes)-NEW DELHI Rashtri –
Rashtri -Part 1 Madhyakaleen Hindi Kavya ISBN-978-93-82091-11-0 
Rashtri -Part 2 Kahani Evam Ekanki ISBN-978-93-82091-12-7
Rashtri –Part 3 Adhunik Hindi Kavya ISBN-978-93-82091-13-4
Rashtri –Part 4 Upanyas Evam NibandhaISBN-978-93-82091-14-1
Rashtri –Part 5 Chayavadottar Kavya ISBN-978-93-82091-15-8
Rashtri –Part 6 Vyawaharik Hindi ISBN-978-93-82091-60-8
(1) The form of Indian Culture in Matwala 2001
(2) Kavy Rasayan (Edited) In Press
(3) Aanand Kadmbini and PremGhan 2006
(4) Gandhi economic views and the fictions of Premchand 2006
(5) Compilation of the works of Ambikanand vyas (Edited) In Press
 (6) Monograph on Mahadeo Prasad Seth bySahitya Akademi. In Press
International Exposure (International Conferences organized /attended, Academic Devi Singh Patil and ICCR President Dr. Karn Singh etc.
 Besides such professorship, worked as a Visiting Professor in following institutions of Moscow:-(A) Moscow State Institute of International Relationship (MGIMO UNIVERSITY) Moscow.
(B) Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University, Moscow
(D) Russian State University For Humanities, Moscow.
(E) Practical Oriental Moscow State University, Moscow.
(F) Boarding School No. 19, Moscow.
 Besides above, Honorable President of India Accompanied by me in her Visit to Russia, as a JNCC Member in her various programs accordingly.
 Accompanied by ICCR President is Visit to Russia in his various lecture programs.
 Dealt the matters related to the ICCR Scholarships in the Embassy of India.
 Acted as ‘member of various committees framed for the Preparation of ‘Festival of Indian Year in Russia’ one year.
 Inaugurated various Programs related to Indian Culture in Various parts of Russia as a representative of Indian Embassy.
Membership of Authorities and Bodies of University / Institutions.

1. Chairperson, Board of Studies for Hindi, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi

2. Member – Academic council, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi

3. Member – Selection committees related to Hindi in Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan

As a Dean of the Faculty from 2012 to 2019(July).

4. Member – Selection/co-ordination committees of various institutions including Rashtriya Sanskrit

Sansthan, New Delhi

5. Proctor, Member of Proctorial Board from 1989 to 2008 and 2011 to 2016.

6. Worked as Head of Department(Department of Modern Subjects) from 1987 to 2008 and 2011 to

2016 in Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan,New Delhi.

7. Working as Head of Department from July 2019 to till now in Central Sanskrit University (Formerly

Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan,New Delhi).

Brief write up

I have spent 32+ years of my services in teaching in the various campuses of Rashtriya Sanskrit

Sansthan. However my previous study center were DDU, Gorakhpur, JNU, and New Delhi in which, later

one has its international repute. I spent two years as a Professor in Jawahar Lal Neharu Cultural Center,

Moscow and worked as a Visiting Professor in at 6 Universities of Russia.

I am fully aware to the feelings of Asian countries with Indian culture as well as aware with the

ground realities of the Sansthan, I have clear concept to what should be done and what not, in this

institution, to upgrade its excellence and relevance in the 21st century’s globalized conditions.