Sports are an integral part of life of every organism. Sports promote physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. Sports and exercise also provide opportunity for human to develop social skills. Along with other activities of life, sports and exercise are extremely important. It is very important for human being to be healthy both, physically and mentally in which sports and exercise plays a very important role.

“A healthy brain lives in a healthy body” keeping this thought in mind our Honorable Chancellor has made the differently abled students setup a Sports cell in the University to connect with the mainstream. This university has created a positive sports environment, through which we are able to convince differently abled students that you too are capable, just your method of functioning is different..

Through sports and exercise, we increase the confidence and self esteem of the differently abled, so that their mental health can be enhanced

Through sports and exercise we regularly try to make the differently abled students strong, disease free and energetic. Apart from this, various sports competitions are organized regularly. Various prizes were awarded to the contestants. At the same time, students with special talent have also been sent to competitions held outside the University for High Performance in various sports competitions.

“The development of any country comes from the youth and the development of the youth comes from Sports”

(Amritanshu Mishra)

Sports officer